Tek Experts

    Background: Tek Experts is a blue chip IT firm and global leader in the provision of customer-centric outsourced IT and software solutions.

    Challenge: The company was relatively unknown among the general audience and the specialists who needed to recognize it as a potential employer.

    Approach: Havas is responsible for the external communication of the company which was established in Bulgaria in 2010 but had no previous proactive communication.

    We focus on the strong sides of Tek Experts as a good employer with sustainable practices in the workplace,  encouraging professional growth, skills development and focusing on the well-being of employees with special attention to diversity and inclusion. We tailor the correct approach for internal communication and share the success, good practices, as well as corporate news and initiatives with external audiences, positioning Tek Experts as employer of choice in the IT and BPO sector.

    Result: The company is being recognized as leader in the IT industry offering multiple opportunities for career advancement without the explicit need for previous technology experience or education.