Background: Havas was the agency which prepared and performed the introduction of the company on the Bulgarian market in 1997 and is with Veolia to this day.

    Challenge: We had to introduce the company, create and maintain a positive image for the brand new player on the market in a period when the image of the district heating companies in Bulgaria was negative.

    At the beginning of the collaboration, the company was unknown in Bulgaria, there was no brand awareness. On the other hand, the company needs a positive image in this difficult communication time.

    Approach: Through regular press releases and interviews, press breakfasts, media trips, media monitoring and analysis a positive reputation was successfully built.

    Result: Today, Veolia Energy Varna is a renowned player on the market. Not only that but the company has positive image among the citizens in Varna because of its social policy and good level of services. Nowadays many of the people in Varna who once stopped their heating at home are again using the services  of Veolia Energy Varna.