Schneider Electric

    Background: Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and automation. The company has been on the Bulgarian market for almost 20 years.

    Challenge: When we started working for Schneider Electric, the company was well-known among electrical professionals  and specialized media, but not among a wider audience.

    We were challenged to adapt the specific information for the general media and make them known to the public.

    Approach: We build the company’s image as an innovative energy management leader.

    Result: We manage the company’s media presence, maintain the media interest, prevent or handle crisis situations, and through our public affairs we manage the good cooperation between Schneider Electric and the government and institutions.

    Through our work we focused the interest of the wide audience in solutions that are specialized and strictly technological, making them easily understood and accessible to end customers.

    We draw the attention of local authorities and the state to the technical expertise of our client.

    Our PR activities include regular creation, adaptation and distribution of press releases, organization of interviews, events, media trips, media monitoring and analysis, crisis communication, media trainings and implementation of CSR campaigns.

    With the help of these different PR tools we managed to make the information of the company attractive for the general media and audiences, making it recognizable to all.

    Schneider Electric grew from a company known for its technology expertise among a limited specialized audience to a corporate citizen, largely recognized at the level of community and government.