Employer Branding

    Background: EVN is an Austrian-based producer and transporter of electricity, one of the largest in Europe having over three million customers in 14 countries, among which Bulgaria.

    Challenge: Our challenge was to look over the current internal communications and CSR activities, see the issues facing the company and help resolve them.

    Approach: We worked with the HR and communications teams of the company in order to find out more about what was done in order to find ways to improve it. We do this in several ways – improving the overall tone of voice of the internal communication, we reworked some of the existing programs by adding the missing elements which are needed to attract employee engagement and proactivity.

    Result: Through our work we manage to make sustainable changes in the internal communication and CSR activities. This way each program can have a long-term development and can be build upon in years to come. Our support helps the internal HR and communication teams to receive the needed budgets for the implementation of the programs.