Solvay Sodi & Aurubis

Innovation in Action

    Background: The Academy Innovation in action is a project created by Solvay Sodi and Havas and implemented in partnership with Aurubis and the Business institute. The Academy has a competitive character and provides a chance for young people to participate with ideas for sustainable innovations.

    Challenge: We reach the young target audience with the help of the communication channels they use – social media, website, online media and with the help of the universities they study in. By doing so we managed to create a desire in them to become part the Innovation in action community.

    Approach: Among our main tasks are to maintain a strong relationship with the media, create and distribute media information, arrange interviews and special events, such as press conference for the start of each edition of the initiative, open seminars and award ceremony.

    Result: The editions of Innovation in Action project received many likes and followers in Facebook and Twitter. Solvay Sodi was acknowledged as a socially responsible company, investing in the young people in the country. The company is recognized as a leader by them, the media and business in Bulgaria.