Contemporary literature from Spain and Portugal depicts the complexities and effects of emotions with unusual richness.


    That is why, in a series of illustrations, we revealed how Tenderness can hurt and how Sadness can be danced away.
    Everyone carries their own cross in Passion, while Anger can sometimes build a bridge between brothers.


    The illustrations have the characteristics of naïve art – vibrant colors and child-like perspective – mixing poetic fancy with everyday life and capturing the ardor of Iberia.


    The authentic spirit of the region is pictured within a contemporary context through visual means ranging from a classic flamenco guitar to a neon symbol of faith or Joan Miró on a T-shirt. Thus, the illustrations tell a story about the cultural heritage that still lives between graffitied walls, while also reflecting on modern society, as do the contemporary Spanish and Portuguese authors – live, at the Sofia Literary Festival.

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