Ministry of Tourism

Brand Bulgaria

    Bulgaria has many faces. The country is a destination that takes your breath away and excites with its unique nature, culture, food, customs and experiences. We were challenged to gather all of this diversity into a united conception which assures constancy and a recognizable image of Bulgaria as a tourist destination.


    This is how the concept “Find your story” was born. A message and a platform which allowed us to show that Bulgaria can offer something thrilling for everyone.


    We create a common graphic, visual and stylistic frame for all communication materials. In doing so we guaranteed that Bulgaria will have a recognizable, united and memorable image in the different campaigns aimed at popularizing Bulgaria as a tourist destination all over the world.


    We took the steps to create a stable base which will allow the creation of additional communication products which will follow the same concept. We created a brand book for Bulgaria with clear and detailed creative guidelines and rules.


    We provided easy access by creating a virtual server which hosts all created products and raw material which can be used in future integrated communication and advertising campaigns of the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria.


    The work on the project spread through seven months during which over 100 experts participated in its different stages.

    Digital, Film, Innovative, Media, PR